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The Other Side

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Investor's Paradise By Aditya Iyer

Are you into the stock market and the overall economy? Are you bored listening to the same analysts talk about the same things? This podcast will give the insights and opinions of guests as well as your host on recent financial news as well as certain companies and their stock prices. The twist is that the host, Aditya Iyer, is a 16 year old who has his own insights on the market. This podcast gives opinions from a different perspective from Wall Street Analysts and isn't financial advice in any way! In this episode of Investor's Paradise, we join the newest guest named Gopi Rangan who is the founder and CEO of Sure Ventures. Mr. Rangan gives his insights and knowledge on how Venture Capitalist firms work as well as his experiences as being a VC. As a viewer, you will learn how the other side of investing works and what the difference is in being a VC and being a retail consumer. Enjoy the episode!

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