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Podcast: Welcome to The Sure Shot Entrepreneur

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

This podcast is for entrepreneurs with ambitious ideas. Come here to listen to relevant, insightful and authentic stories. I am your host Gopi Rangan. You will learn from the thought process of venture capital investors and other #earlybelievers who invest in bold business ideas. Please share comments and subscribe to the podcast.

Let's simplify venture capital

Information about a VC's decision making process is not easily available to the outside world. Not having information is a disadvantage for entrepreneurs who do not have an existing network of well connected people. Therefore, entrepreneurs from privileged backgrounds enjoy an unfair advantage while others suffer from the information gap. Women, immigrants and minorities, particularly Black and Latinx founders, are the worst affected. I wish to level the playing field by sharing access to opinions of people who are in the business of supporting entrepreneurs at the earliest stages. 

Hearing stories in the voice of investors shows us a glimpse of who they are. Their choice of words, sense of humor and tone tell us more about them than just reading a blog. The wealth of knowledge, tips and dos and don'ts will help founders better prepare and focus on their entrepreneurial journey.

All successful entrepreneurs have a few early believers. They are people who understand and value the founder’s vision, right from the beginning. The more ambitious a founder’s plan the more important it is to have the support of such early believers.

For Steve Jobs it was Arthur Rock. Sergey Brin and Larry Page had Ram Shriram. And Mark Zuckerbeg had Peter Theil. These kinds of relationships are all around us in the start-up world. Yet, most of us don’t really know what lights the spark. Are you curious, what leads early believers to get excited by new business ideas?

What's in the podcast

On this podcast, you will listen to stories about founders, CEOs, venture capitalists, angels, and advisors. Our conversations will not be rehearsed. So, let me warn you … NOT to expect to hear polished stories. Once a week, I will talk about startups and technology with guests who are quiet leaders behind the scenes. They may not be famous but they play a critical role in nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Each episode will be about 25 minutes long. If you wish to suggest a guest, propose a topic, or tell me how an episode inspired you, share your comments at Please post a review to help entrepreneurs like yourself find this podcast.

Join me to get an insider view on The Sure Shot Entrepreneur.

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