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Pandemic Or Not, INSEAD Students Trek To School’s New San Francisco Hub

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

The Bay Area immersion for INSEAD’s master’s in management students was the first time the school’s new San Francisco hub was used by degree students. Sachit Kamat, chief product officer at EightFold, delivers a guest lecture.

On a bright day in San Francisco, Professor Lutz Finger is front and center in a round classroom at INSEAD’s Hub in the Bay Area talking about the limits of artificial intelligence. He shows the mostly masked students fresh from the school’s Singapore campus the caption Microsoft’s algorithms placed on a photo of German Chancellor Angela Merkel: a 40-year-old boy wearing a blue shirt. Then there is the photo of a man and his dog under the caption: a dog wearing glasses when the dog’s owner has spectacles.

“People think that Silicon Valley has all the answers,” he tells the students. “It doesn’t. We overestimate it.”

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